Helped a mental care startup raise $200k and increase MRR to $10k via optimized data management


As a result of our solution, the client successfully raised $200k in funding and increased their monthly recurring revenue (MRR) to $10k.


Docare, a startup focused on connecting individuals with mental care mentors, required an optimized Airtable database with automation capabilities. Their existing database was cluttered with a single large table containing 50 fields, and all team members could access and modify columns at will, resulting in disorganization and inefficiency.


We eagerly collaborated with the client from the start, proactively diving into the planning phase. As a startup open to new ideas, we helped them design a Customer Journey Map (CJM) for a clear user experience. We brainstormed innovative solutions for user acquisition, including a chatbot quiz to help potential clients understand their needs.

To improve data management and streamline access for mentors and team members, we proposed using Retool for separate interfaces and considered mentor feedback analysis in our planning.

As a result of our meticulous planning and close collaboration with the client, we developed a comprehensive Miro diagram that displayed the intricate architecture of the platform.


We first cleaned and optimized the client's database, then proposed creating a separate interface for mentor access. We developed a responsive Retool app for internal use, providing each mentor with limited access to data and ensuring they could only view their own clients.

Riding the momentum, we delved deeper into user acquisition and automated the funnel. We integrated a Telegram bot that conducted surveys on users' mental states, serving as an innovative marketing source to attract new clients.

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