Set up $3M payment processing for 15k clients within a month


Our solution helped the client to manage their client base effectively, process payments on time, and avoid any losses due to missed payments.


Our client was faced with the challenge of managing a large client base of 15,000 with daily payments to process. The client was losing over $100k every day due to missed payments. They required a no-code solution that could be implemented within 2-3 weeks to manage their data effectively.


Faced with a tight timeline, we began by researching the existing database and preparing it for our workflows. This included indexing some queries, adding new fields, and adjusting options for sets.

Next, we delved into payment processes, which involved numerous possible branches. We planned actions for each case, including 20 types of failed statuses, recharging attempts, and delayed charging. We explored and tested a bunch of payment processors, aiming to find the perfect fit with all the features we needed.


To meet the deadline, our team worked diligently, dedicating 12-hour days to develop an efficient CRM using AWS RDS PostgreSQL, which could handle the large amount of data quickly and efficiently.

We integrated automation through Make to process over 100k operations monthly and payment services such as Stripe, Seamlesschex, and NMI to streamline the payment process.

Our web-app was developed using Bubble and embedded in Freshsales custom app (Node.JS app) to offer our client a seamless user experience.

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