Streamlined investor distributions from 3 days to 1 hour with a custom 2-sided app


We successfully streamlined our client's distribution process, saving them valuable time and reducing the process to just 1 hour and enabled them to effectively manage their $X mln monthly distributions.


Touzicapital needed to automate their monthly distribution process for thousands of investors. Their current manual process was time-consuming and inefficient, taking 3 days each month. They had a CRM in place, but required a separate two-sided app with an admin panel to manage distributions and user data more effectively.


Understanding the client's lack of design preferences, we presented them with a selection of UI kits for internal tools. They chose the most suitable one, ensuring a tailored design for their app.

Given the complex, multistep nature of financial distributions, we focused on thoroughly mapping all processes. We prepared detailed descriptions of each process at every level of the system (frontend, backend, DB) to ensure a seamless flow.

Recognizing the importance of thorough testing, we prepared a list of test cases covering all possible paths and data scenarios. As we couldn't test with real money and had only one chance to test before launch, this meticulous approach was crucial for a successful implementation.


With a deep understanding of the sensitive nature of financial data, we developed a secure and efficient two-sided app featuring two-factor authentication (2FA) for users, comprehensive logs, a dedicated Support tab for admins, and a semi-manual multi-step distribution process with clear states.

Additionally, we implemented backend automation for payment flows through Mercury integration and real-time alerts via Slack for rapid response.

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